Chesapeake Neighbors’ mission is to create opportunity by making quality, affordable housing accessible to all.


Chesapeake Neighbors was founded in 2007 by The Arc Central Chesapeake Region as an independent organization to advance the idea of safe, affordable, and accessible housing for people with disabilities and low-income families. Access to housing is fundamental to a good quality of life. The core focus of Chesapeake Neighbors is expanding the options for people who traditionally do not have access to quality, affordable housing. What started with one home in Anne Arundel County has grown to over 50 owned and managed, affordable, accessible units across central Maryland and the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

In 2018, The Arc and Chesapeake Neighbors boards of directors approved a strategic plan that focused on two goals: build Chesapeake Neighbors into a viable, affordable housing organization and facilitate greater access to affordable housing through advocacy, collaboration, and innovation. Today, Chesapeake Neighbors is focused on expanding the communities it serves and developing housing options for people who need access to a quality, safe home.

Chesapeake Neighbors was founded on the notion that housing is the foundation of everything in a person’s life. Every person, regardless of income, shares The Arc’s position on housing: people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, like all Americans, have a right to live in their own homes, in the community. Children and youth belong with families. Adults should control where and with whom they live, including having opportunities to rent or buy their own homes, and must have the freedom to choose their daily routines and activities.

Recent Key Achievements from 2018-2021

  • Develop three fully accessible, zero barrier units for people with disabilities.
  • Doubled the number of available units available for people with under 30% of API.
  • Increased access to tenant housing subsidies by more than 50% over three years.
  • Expanded the Chesapeake Neighbors team to include an Executive Director and skilled property management professionals.
  • Separated operational and financial aspects of Chesapeake Neighbors from The Arc; creating a unified brand for Chesapeake Neighbors.

Our 2021-2025 Focus

Expand Chesapeake Neighbors’ portfolio of quality, affordable housing units, with a focus on accessibility and multifamily projects.
  • Develop and implement a dynamic business strategy, utilizing creative financing instruments to foster development.
  • Create additional accessible group home options for The Arc in Anne Arundel County.
Develop and leverage partnerships that align with Chesapeake Neighbors’ mission.
  • Leverage the strength of The Arc to foster collaborative development opportunities across Anne Arundel County & Maryland’s Eastern Shore.
  • Build partnerships with government agencies, foundations, businesses, and community groups to expand housing opportunities.
Implement governance and operational structure that creates Chesapeake Neighbors as an independent subsidiary of The Arc.
  • Determine the tax and governance structure that will allow for growth into the future.
  • Expand board membership to professionals with affordable housing, real estate, and government relations experience; determine the long-term makeup of the board.
  • Develop a long-term human capital model that supports the current operation and future growth.

Our Board Members

  • Jonathon Rondeau

  • Martha Brown

  • Andrew Masters

  • Deena Kilmon

  • Rasheeda McCrea

  • Monique Brown

  • Meredith Wimbrow

  • Nancy Rase

  • Tiffany Harrison


Our Leadership

  • Judi Olinger

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  • Becky Peter

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  • Keenan Troxler

    Keenan Troxler

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